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Our law firm offers legal services in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in the following areas.


Administrative Law 

Admiralty and Maritime Law 

Advertising and Marketing Law 

Agency and Distributorships 

Agricultural Law


Alcoholic Beverage Law 

Alternative Dispute Resolution Law 

Animal Law 

Antitrust Law 

Trade Regulation Law 


Appellate Practice Law 

Asset Protection Law 

Aviation and Aerospace Law

Banking Law 

Bankruptcy Law 


Biotechnology Law 

Business Law 

Casinos and Gambling Law 

Chancery and Equity Law 

Civil Practice Law


Civil Rights Law 

Class Actions Law 

Collections Law 

Commercial Law 

Commercial Real Estate Law 


Commodities Law

Communications and Media Law 

Computers and Software Law 

Construction Law 

Contract Law 


Copyrights Law 

Corporate Law 

Criminal Law 

Debitor and Creditor Law 

Drugs and Narcotics Law


Education Law 

Elder Law 

Election, Campaign and Political Law 

Eminent Domain Law 

Employee Benefits Law 


Energy law 

Entertainment Law

Environmental Law

Equipment Finance and Leasing Law

Family Law 


Finance Law

Franchises and Franchising Law 

Fraud and Deceit Law 

General Practice Law 

Government Law


Government Contract Law 

Guardianship and Conservatorship Law 

Health Care Law 

Hospital Law 

Housing Law 


Immigration Law

Insurance Law

Insurance Defense Law

Intellectual Property Law 

International Law


International Trade Law

Internet Law 

Investment Law 

Labor and Employment Law 

Enforcement Law


Leases and Leasing Law  

Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Law 

Legal Malpractice Law 

Libel, Slander and Defamation Law

Litigation Law



Media Law 

Medical Malpractice Law

Medicare and Medicaid Law

Mergers and Acquisitions Law  

Military Law


Mortgage Law 

Municipal Law 

Natural Resources Law 

Negligence Law 

Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations Law 


Occupational Safety and Health Law

Partnership Law 

Patents Law

Personal Injury Law 

Premises Liability Law


Privacy Law

Probate Law 

Products Liability Law

Professional Liability Law 

Property Law 


Public Finance Law

Railroad Law 

Real Estate Law 

Regulatory Law

Religious Institutions Law


Institutions Law 

Resorts and Leisure Law 

Securities Law 

Social Security Law

Sports Law 



Technology and Science Law 

Tort Law 

Toxic Torts Law 

Trade Secrets Law 


Trademark Law 

Transportation Law 

Trusts and Estates Law 

Unfair Competition Law 

White Collar Crime Law 


 Law of Wills 

Workers Compensation Law 

Zoning, Planning and Land Use Law 

Mergers & acquisitions Law 

Capital markets law


Employment law

Information technology law 

Outsourcing law

Insolvency law 

Restructuring law


Investment fund law 

Maritime law 

Shipping law 

Transport law

Private equity law 


Telecoms law

Structured finance law

Securitization law

Personal income tax  Law

Corporate income tax Law


Value added tax  

VAT  in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

VAT registration 

VAT representative 


Value added tax registration  in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

Value added tax fiscal representative 

Value added tax representative  

Double taxation treaties 

Transfer pricing


Holding companies 

Dividend taxation 

Royalty taxation

Permanent establishment tax  

Independant services tax 


Dependant services tax 

Interest tax 

Business profit tax  

Income from immovable Property tax 

Taxation of income Law 


Tax on capital


Exchange of tax information

OECD Model tax 


Reduction of employees 

Reduction of staff 

Capital Gains

Options Law 

Company establishment Law 


Company formation 

Company Setup  

Company Incorporation

Company Registration

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