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The draft law of Protocol, amending Convention between the Kingdom of Norway and the Republic of Latvia for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with...
Baltic country Latvia Lithuania Estonia Immigration salary requirements 1.Employee salary net : 633.18Sum payable for employer :...
Baltic country Latvia Lithuania Estonia Share capital (EUR) 1-2900 2900 2500 State...
Reverse VAT charge is introduced in Latvia by the law effective January 1, 2012. According to VAT reverse charge, construction company issues invoice for the services...
On December 8, 2011 the Parliament has approved on the first reading amendments...
As in the year 2010, also in year 2011 in Republic of Latvia tax rates changed and it affected every citizen – in the amount what had to be paid in specific taxes, in income, in prices of goods and services in...
The Protocol was signed on August 24, 2011 and it is amending the Agreement of June 7, 1996 for the prevention of...
September, 2011 New Estonian Language Act that was enforced on July 1, 2011 sets additional requirements for entrepreneurs in...
From the beginning of the year 2011 are renewed tax holidays of the Corporate Income Tax for the large investment projects. In April, 2011...
Latvia: The Income Legalization of the individuals In the meeting of Secretaries of State the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia announced for official harmonization between the institutions of State administration the Conception...
Value added tax in Latvia- ECJ case Alstom Power Hydro v. Latvias State Renevue Service.
VAT Refunds in Latvia-Tax office review
Tax evasion in Latvia-Finance Police Summary.
Ombudsman reviews capital gains tax in Latvia. Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia on February 10, 2011 turned to the Prime Minister of the...
Before January 1, 2010, Section 9 (1) (3) of the Law “On...
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