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Obtaining Payment Institution licence in Lithuania: key requirements

17 April 2018
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PI licence fee

Prior to applying for a payment institution licence in Lithuania, it is necessary to pay into the account of the State Tax Inspectorate (STI) a state levy for the granting of the licence, which currently is EUR 898.


Key requirements for getting a licence

There are the following basic elements, which PI in Lithuania should comply with to obtain a licence:

  • fitness of submitted documents;
  • Initial capital of PI shall not be less than:

-          EUR 20000 for money remittance;

-          EUR 52000 for payment transactions to the telecommunication, IT system or      network operator;

-          EUR 125000 for other payment services;

  • fitness and propriety of the PI and its shareholders or holders of voting right;
  • fitness and propriety of heads of an PI: the heads of a payment institution must be of  good repute and possess the qualification and experience necessary to properly perform their duties;
  • the operating plan must correspond to the possibilities of an PI’s founders.


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