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Electronic Money Institution in UK, Lithuania and Malta for Sale

Now, in year 2021, process of transactions electronically using E-money has become even more popular than use to. While physical currency is still advantageous in certain situations, its role has gradually diminished over time.


In order to operate with electronic money in United Kingdom, it is mandatory for company to acquire for Electronic Money Institution license in UK. E-Money license in UK allows to:


  • Acquire a SWIFT code for transactions
  • Issue English IBAN accounts for your clients
  • Register accounts remotely for individuals and companies
  • Issue credit and debit card payments linked to your customer accounts
  • Perform bank payments in more than 45 currencies worldwide
  • Accept payments from all international accounts that use the SWIFT system
  • Create correspondent accounts in different countries
  • Acquire your AML department and more key benefits of having Electronic Money Institution in UK.


If you are considering to acquire the E - Money license in UK, it is the best time for the next steps for expanding your business. Further we are introducing you with the offer to obtain Electronic Money Institution in UK – great opportunity to save time.

Possibility to acquire the E- Money license in UK buying 100% shares of the Company including:

  • Back office
  • Integrated KYC, AML, PEP & Sanctions module
  • UK current account with sort-code and account number
  • Prepaid MasterCard, BACS, CHAPS functionality
  • EUR wallets and SEPA can be enabled, so as cash deposit.

The company has LEI and a SWIFT as well. Any software will be supplied with global non-exclusive licence. Sales price of the Company 100% shares is 3, 5 million EUR.

If you would like to know more details about this offer and options to acquire Electronic Money Institution in UK, Lithuania and Malta for sale, we will be glad to provide you our assistance.


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